Coaching trip


Do you need a trip for you alone? Or with someone or with your group?


It is possible to travel with me for a long weekend or week. When you indicate your wishes, a trip can be composed. Meditation can be offered during the trip, coaching takes place on location and during nature walks, and energetic treatments (see 'moment for yourself') can be experienced. And there will be a growth in your awareness process.

Do you need even more?                                                                                                                                                                    What do you experience in your daily life, what would you like to change, what would you like to get more clear for yourself ?                                                                                                                                                                                                    Then we will  discuss in detail your wish/question in advance, which will be the starting point of the trip. In addition to meditations, conversations, energetic treatments, coaching and silent walks , therapeutic sessions can also take place during the trip. Then you will experience a great growth in your process of awareness. You will go home with many insights/ views and experience noticeable positive changes. All this to remind you who you really are.



The price for this package depends on your travel wishes. If you want to know more or talk about the possibilities , please contact me. Together we will come to a beautiful plan and a suitable trip.


It was a special trip. I went on a journey in need of time for myself, to be free from home and work, to gain insight into a question that had been with me for a long time. Carin's guidance and coaching, being together and being alone in nature has brought me a lot. Among other things insights, being less in my head, space, more confidence in my feelings. And this on a beautiful island. In addition to being together there was enough space  for myself. I can recommend this trip for anyone who needs 'time for themselves'. Fantastic experience to look back on and going home with a look ahead, feeling much better in body and mind.