Who I am and what I offer


I am Carin, from the Netherlands and owner of 'Zeestroom' and 'Azorenbeleving'

the Dutch names for 'Flow of the sea' and 'Azorean Experience'

which I changed and made in English


'Azores Ocean Energy'


I work as an energetic therapist and meditation coach.

In my practice Zeestroom I offer in small groups:

Meditation, Mindfulness, different courses (f.a.(high)sensitivity), Intuitive development.


And in individual sessions:

Coaching, Healing, Aurareading, Regression Therapy, Inner Child Work, Access Bars.


Since 2016 I organize these unique vacations in the beautiful Azores.


My connection with the Azores


33 years ago I made a special trip to the Azores.

On the largest island , São Miguel, I lived and worked as a speechtherapist.

My job was to help disabled children in communication.

With a team of paramedics, we teached and helped teachers and children.
It was a very special year! I have seen a lot, learned and experienced a lot.

And how good it felt to be here.

After 33 years I visited the island again.

Curious ... How would it be now, what would it feel like?
Many memories came by, enjoying the nature, the silence,

learning the Portuguese language again, to communicate with the local people.


My experience this time was that it would be great to offer

            a special vacation to people that like to discover the beautiful nature of this islands.

                        This in combination with rest, relaxation, meditation and more.

A great place on earth to be yourself.


   And so it happened! 


              Since then several vacations took place. With beautiful people and beautiful experiences.                                                                                                     

                                                              I like to invite you to travel with us. Welcome!                                                                    


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Tel. + 31 647122191 (English, Dutch, German and Portuguese)