We are busy in our daily lives, doing what need to be done, always in connection with the outside world.


This way you to lose contact with your inner world,

who you really are and what you really want.


Being busy all the time in this outside world may cause you stress, health problems, sleepingproblems and more

Meditation helps to de-stress,

makes body, mind and soul more relaxed and quiet.


Meditation helps you to develop attention and concentration for yourself and your environment.

This vacation

will be offered different kinds of meditation to experience 

body awareness, relaxation , tranquility and silence.




What meditation can bring you


Health improvement:

Research shows the positive effect of meditation, like reducing stress,

a better mood, less obesity, improving cholesterol levels.

  the immune system is strengthened against diseases.

In other words: you will increase your ability to self-heal.


Relaxation of the body:

Meditation can help you release tension in your body when you experience stress.

It has been proven that decreased breathing rate, blood pressure drops,

reduced muscle tone, creating a gradual relaxation of the body.

The feeling of peace and well-being follows.

Body Consciousness:

Through meditation you become more aware of your body.

How your body reacts to certain situations.

How your body feels and what this means to you.

You can find out how you want to deal with it.

Mental Relaxation:

Meditation makes your mind to calm down, you can learn to cope better with worry and recurring thoughts.

This by focusing your attention on what you see, hear, feel, smell or taste, in the here and now, in the present.


  Your concentration will improve.

Dealing with emotions:

Meditation promotes awareness of your emotions:

What emotions do you feel , how is your body reacting, how to deal with this..

By meditating regularly you will also feel more relaxed in daily life.