Aura Reading


The aura is the energy field around you. The chakras are the energy centers in your body. Aura and chakras are connected and constantly in motion. An Aura Reading may give you clearness in something thats bothering you now or already for a long time. Before we start with the Aura Reading you tell your question, what do you want to get clear? This can be a question about f.e. family, work, relations, purpose in life. Sitting in front of each other, the aura and 7 main chakras will be 'read', and what I see and feel will be told, so you become aware, get things clear.  This can be: information of who you really are, about your lifeline, how you experience your life. What is your passion, what makes you happy, what keeps you from doing what you really want? During the reading you will see the line that shows you why and what is in your life at this moment.And which next steps you may take on your spiritual path. Asking questions is allowed, this can bring even more clearness. The future is not predicted.