The energy field or the aura

which all living beings have around them, is constantly in motion.  This also applies to the energy system in the body.


This energy system consists of several centers, the chakras

 where energy comes from outside the body and leaves the body. Energy is distributed from here through the body through the meridians.  


If there are disturbances in the power system

physical complaints may occur.

There is too much or too little energy in different places, and energy is not distributed far enough in the body.

A healing

helps balance the energy around the body.

The energy in the energy field and the energy system (aura and chakras) is then re-energized, flowing. Energyfielddisturbances are detected, blockages or pain are reduced / eliminated, healing energy is added when needed, and acupuncture points in the meridians are encouraged if necessary.


You will lie dressed at the treatment table. I will walk around you and balances the energy with my hands without touching you.. When this is needed, I will ask you for permission.


A healing can give immediate results.

Multiple treatments are usually needed to support healing or a healthy process.

Healing helps you get in touch with your inner life force, to become healthy.

The healer acts as a channel to deliver healing energy and is primarily a catalyst for the client.

Healing works on all levels; physical, emotional,mental and spiritual.