Being connected with nature on the island, facing inwards by meditation, feeling your body through yoga, you can experience how you get closer to yourself, which can give you enormous energy and joy.

Or it will touch something in you, an emotion that needs attention at that moment.

If you feel the need during this week to share your experiences in a personal conversation, or you will need support, there will be space and time for that. I would be glad to guide you further in your personal growth.




During the week it is possible to book the treatments as mentioned below. These treatments will bring you relaxation, rest, feeling more comfortable or provide insights and clearness. The treatments will be given in or around the house, in a place that feels good for you.


The contribution for one hour will be € 50 / $55


Possible treatments:



Access Bars

Energetic Facelift

Energetic Consult


You can read more about the content of these treatments below.



The energy field or aura that every living being has around it is constantly moving. This also applies to the energy system in the body, the chakras, where energy enters from outside the body and exits from the body. Energy is distributed from here over the body by the meridians. When there is too much or too little energy in different places, the energy is not sufficiently distributed throughout the body, physical complaints can occur.
At the healing you lie or sit dressed on the treatment table / garden bed. With the hands, without touch, the energy in the energy field and the energy system (aura and chakras) is set in motion. You experience balance, relaxation and tranquility.



The aura is the energy field around you. The chakras are the energy centers in your body. Aura and chakras are connected and constantly in motion. Everyone is born with their own temperament. The character is formed by education and experiences in the world. Patterns arise during your life that are "readable" in the aura and chakras. Sitting across from each other, the different layers of the aura and the seven main chakras are 'read', something from you is seen or felt and spoken, through which you can become aware, can get clarity about part of your life. You get information about who you really are, about your life, how you feel in life. What is your passion, what makes you happy, what stops you from doing what you want to do? This can be with regard to, among other things, family, work, life purpose and relationships. During the reading, a common thread is automatically visible that indicates what is going on in your life right now. You can ask questions, it can provide more insight. The more trust there is between you and the reader, the more you "show" and "read" of yourself. The future is not predicted.



If you want more depth, an insight and clearness into a question that concerns you, it is possible to have a consultation in which energetic methods are used. Together we will talk about your question and which treatment method is suitable for you at that moment.



The name "Bars" is a collective name for energy lines through and around the head. The electrical charge of all thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs is stored therein. By touching and activating 32 points on the head in different positions, discharge is created and space is created for new possibilities. What is being solved and cleaned up, you get back in more space, convenience and possibilities in your life.
Immediate result: space in the head, relaxation and rest in the body and some physical and mental complaints disappear. The actual result and change is noticeable 3 to 4 weeks later.



By touching different places on the face, this healing energetic treatment will reduce the effects of aging, gravity and stress. In addition to the immediately visible changes in the face, changes in the body are also noticeable. More mobility, flexibility, grounding, energy and more!