May 13

Oceansouvenirs ... When will we travel again? Till then we stay with beautiful memories ans nice souvenirs..


April 12

Staying home is the best for now... let your imagination flow..


March 3

Back from a beautiful journey with for every person a beautiful inner journey. All taking their own way, time and space. With a blue and sunny sky it was a wonderful time being in nature together.


2020 January 10

Wishing you a great New Year with a lot of beautiful moments, inspiration and positive energy! In May we have the next retreat. I am looking forward to meet you! :)


December 11

What a special retreat we had. And 'we' are 1 participant and me. A personal coachingtrip, in which the participant the retreat started with a personal question to get clarity in. With of course attention for the beautiful nature, the silence of this month on the island. Nature, silence, coaching, energetic treatments and her effort changed a lot. More connected with the feeling again, full of new creative ideas and ready to make nice changes when coming home. We are both happy. Grateful.


2019 November 18

Yess! In a few days I can put my feet on Azorean ground again. Feeling the energy, feeling grounded, feeling connected with pure nature. To have a nice retreat again. You still can join.


2019 November 15

Nothing stays the same.... so it is time for a new name!  'Azores Ocean Energy' = 'Azores Nature Retreats'. Welcome!


2019 October 23

How nice that after 4 retreats in Dutch this year, now, after April, in November its time to offer the retreat in English again! Grateful. If you want, of course you can join!


2019 May 8

After several trips in 2017 and 2018 in my native language, Dutch, with , this time, April 2019, was the first trip in English. A great experience to offer the program to an international group of people. Thank you for being with us.