How I enjoyed the Azoresretreat. I was with Carin before. Then we went to São Miguel. There was a nice small group and we decided very soon to go again.This time we went to Terceira and São Jorge. Overwhelming nature, beautiful walks and swimming in the ocean. And very nice how everything is arranged by Carin. Total relaxation!


In September I went to São Jorge with Carin. It was my 3rd trip and it was fantastic again. The trip was good organized and varies, I got a lot of insights and became relaxed. We had nice meals, made nice tours with the jeep, swam in the ocean. It is a recommended retreat, I always say: a gift for yourself. Carin, thanks fot the cozy and nice moments together.


Happy and satisfied going home: the 'backpack' a bit lighter and my heart more open. And also after the PIcotrip, it kept running: creativity and insights. A lot to continue with this year. Knowing: Next year: the next 'journey'.


It was a educacional stay at Pico with a lot of meditations. I liked the meditations and I can feel more in my body now. The climax for me was walking on the lavafields.


It was a wonderful week on a beautiful pure authentic island, São Jorge. A combination of relaxing and letting go. personal growth and also just enjoying. Highlights included swimming in the ocean near the house, insightful walks, grounding on the vulcano ground, and walking from high to low through the fajas among blue hydrangeas. The delicious food, very pure and locally prepared, was a surprise every night. This week had given me new energy and brouhgt me closer to myself. It has shown me who I really am and also wah t I want to explore in the future.



Im still enjoying a wonderful week on São Miguel: the overwhelming nature with magical places, the program in which there was time and space to look and feel inside myself, experience the power of the here and now, and the silence .. Still enjoying the lovely people and especially  you, Carin. Your expertise, your attention and attunement to each groupmember, the stucture of the days and your love for the Azores. A beautiful gift for myself that I wish for everyone.



Feel grounded is the first thing that occurs to me about this wonferful retreat. It was a week that is seldom experienced otherwise. I came to the Azores to take some time out, to get to know the islands, to practice yoga and to realize what I really want. At the end of my journey I can say that my expectations have been exceeded. Carin is a wonderful personality, very attached to the islands and a great guide. Besides yoga we also made trips to the most beautiful places on the island. Carin took good care of everything.  The special feature of the retreat is definitely the deep energywork that Carin offers. She leads many meditations, gives tips on how to stay balanced and grounded in everyday life and offers personal Energetic Treatments for everyone who wants to. Carin recognizes where you have blockages, feels the energy and brings back everything into the flow with her work. Personally, I think this retreat is much more than just yoga and trips. It is a mix of excursions, being together, inspiring conversations and energywork. It is like a journey to yourself. At the end of this journey I am deeply relaxed, grounded and full of positive energy. I now know which way I want to go in life and I owe this to the unique work of Carin. Tank you for everything! I will come back and hope that  many others will have the experience of sharing a week with Carin in the Azores. It is definitely the right decision.

K (Germany), coachingtrip.



It was a special trip. I went on this journey in need of time for myself, to be free from home and work, to get a question clear that had been with me for a long time. Carin's guidance and coaching, the energetic session, being together and being alone in nature has brought me a lot. Like feeling more and thinking less, being less in my head, feeling space in my body and mind, more confidence in what I feel. And to know more about myself, and how to handle my question. Feeling relieved. And this on a beautiful island. In addition of being together, there was enough space for myself. I can recommend this trip for anyone who needs 'time for themselves'. A Fantastic experience ! 

R, coachingtrip.


If you want to make a present for yourself, have this wonderful retreat! You will get deep in contact with this amazing nature and yourself. We spent extraordinary beautiful days with Carin, with deepfeeling meditations in the garden and in amazing places on the island. We had Yoga together and made stunning trips with Carin. She is an absolute great and warmful person. Thank you for this great experience! We will defenitely come back. The next time with our baby, which already enjoyed the special vibes in the stomach.   

Daniel&Verena (Austria).


The retreat was great. Everything was taken care of with a beautiful location overlooking the ocean. The large garden around the house, the stunning nature, the delicious food, fun, yoga, meditations, geysers, whales, dolphins. A week all for yourself on this beautiful island, to never forget again.


Traveling under the guidance of Carin. We enjoyed the fantastic nature, meditations, good food, beautiful house and garden, nice people. A complete experience. Carin, thank you very much for letting me experience 'your' Sao Miguel. To taste, to smell, to watch, but especially..  to Feel it!


My first time traveling with a group. I like to travel alone, but this was a great experience: I felt so much space, being totaly myself, not to adjust all the time, a lot of equality. I felt stress before the trip, and went back relaxed and 'me'!


It was great to experience the energetic session. A lot became clear, I can see things different now. I feel more open, more relaxed and more stable. Together with all the meditations and being in nature, this week was a big, beautiful experience.


I like to thank you again for the great time and personal development that I have experienced. Grateful. The whole week, activities, meditations, walks, coaching, free time, in tune to everyone's needs and wishes.


The personal coaching I liked very much. To talk about my personal things helped me in my personal development


Your fantastic trip that makes me feel total human.


Total taken care of. Curious, openness, radiant, shining, freedom, NOW, in the present. This meditation and nature experience in the Azores.


Time for myself! Me-time!  Rest, relaxation, a smile and a tear, to be myself. And knowing more about myself going home. Next year I will join again!