The trip was great ...

Everything was taken care of with a beautiful location overlooking the sea ....

Large garden around the house, stunning nature, delicious food, fun, yoga, meditations, geysers, whales, dolphins.

A week all for yourself on this beautiful island, to never forget again.

What did I enjoy this trip: a real gift!

A total experience of the beautiful island. 

Excursions to beautiful nature spots, delicious food prepared by an Azorian lady.

And in addition yoga in the garden and beautiful, deepfeeling meditations by Carin.

Traveling under the guidance of Carin.

We enjoyed the fantastic nature, meditations, good food, beautiful house and garden, nice people ...

a complete experience.

Carin, thank you very much for letting me exprerience ' your  ' Sao Miguel ...

to taste, to smell, to watch, but especially..  to Feel it!


                            My first time traveling with a group. I like to travel alone, but this was a great experience:                                                                    I felt so much space, being totaly myself, not to adjust all the time, equality.                                           I felt tension before the trip, and went back relaxed and 'me'!


It was great to experience the energetic session. A lot became clear, I can see things different now. I feel more open, more relaxed and more stable. Together with all the meditations and being in nature, this week was a big, beautiful experience.


                 I like to thank you again for the great time and personal development that I have experienced. Grateful.           The whole week, activities, meditations, walks, coaching, free time, tailored to everyone's needs and wishes.


The personal coaching I liked very much. To talk about my personal things helped me in my personal development


Your fantastic trip that makes me feel total human.

Total taken care of. Entirely right.

Curious, openness, radiant, shining, freedom, NOW, in the present....

this meditation and nature experience in the Azores.


Time for myself! Me-time!

Rest, relaxation, a smile and a tear, to be myself.

And knowing more about myself going home. Next year I will join again!