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The island São Miguel


São Miguel Island has several natural sites.


Volcanism is everywhere, which gives an unique energy.

Waterfalls with cold water and hot water, boilers and hot pools ... where you can swim ..

The contrast between the black lavarocks and the blue ocean
The infinite blue of the sky, constantly changing with the change of clouds.

The constant smell of freshness and purity of the ocean and the countryside.
    The silence you can enjoy in several places, sometimes only hear the wind.     


   The taste of Azorian pure food like vegetables, fruit, fish and more.


Do you want to experience this? Want to see and feel this island in the Atlantic?
If you have time and space .... Come with us!


 More information about the vacation at Pico and Faial will be here soon.

The house and the program


 In the morning we stay in the house and garden with Atlantic view. Here several kinds of meditations and yoga will be offered.

In the afternoon the privatebus with local driver will bring us to the most beautiful places on the island.

                         In nature we will do Mindfulness and meditation, to relax body and mind and feel the bodyenergy.


Yogaclass will be guided by a local yogateacher.

Meditations will be guided by me.

                                                                                          All english spoken.

                                                                                 In a group up to 7 persons.


There will also be plenty of time and space for yourself.
To see the city of Ponta Delgada ,

to relax on the beach, to be in and around the house,

                 read a book, have fun, do nothing.                

.....To do what you like to do....


                                                   With the possibility to have individual sessions, for example:                                                     Aurareading, Healing, Access Bars, Energetic therapysession.


Meals are prepared with local products, typical food, made by a senhora from the island. 

Whenever possible we will have our meals in the garden.


Bus- or cartrips to: 

Lagoa do Fogo, Cascada Velha, Furnas, Terra Nostra, Sete Cidades and more.
The program may change depending on the weather and wishes of the group.

Are you interested or do you have any questions?

Do you like to travel with us?

Contact me ... I like to give you more information.

Join us

a unique vacation on an unique island ....

in the middle of the Atlantic.